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MGTOW Philosophy

July 2, 2013

I watched video where someone mentioned taking the more self fulfilling path of realizing that society had failed, is in decline (etc), and to make the best of a bad situation. I’ve seen this particular philosophy echoed in other MGTOW areas and philosophers. I disagree with this notion, and without knowing it, they do to; for what I believe are the same reasons.

Now I’m not against the general philosophy of MGTOW; realizing certain truths about the world and acting according to your own ethical compass and not the destructive policies of society and government. Philosophically speaking, I won’t prevent those from abandoning something they see as utterly pointless. I’ve made that decision plenty of times, whether with a project or a person, etc.

But the reason I mention a disagreement is do to my personal, and stereotypically male personality quirk; I need to fix things. And certainly another trait, one that many MGTOW share; they desire to help others.

I’m aware that many people have a fairly negative view of MTGOW; they are perceived as selfish, cowardly, assholes, misogynists, etc. Some of that is certainly true, but not on the whole. Same for the MRM. But what some of them have noticed is that they help each other. They’ve realized a bad situation and have proactively taken steps to not only protect themselves, but educate others who might feel the same way. You can’t really support a movement, or be a part of a movement, through purely selfish actions. Sure it might work out that way sometime, but that’s really splitting hairs at that point.

You see, I don’t advocate for the total abandonment of society based on it’s problems like many MGTOW would advocate. I promoted fixing problems and making life better for everyone. Of course this is the common split between MGTOW and the MRM. They essentially fight the same enemy, but the split troops into two different camps and in doing so create two weaker armies. Not always a bad thing, but a consideration nonetheless.

Life is full of odd dualities, and the MGTOW are not above that. As always, I think it’s the approach that makes the real difference. If someone says to ‘fuck society’, what kind of message do you think they’re sending? Not much different from a common anarchist eh? If someone says to ‘take care of yourself above all else’, what kind of message do you think that sends? A bit selfish perhaps? Or maybe a little practical? How can you take care of others if you ignore your own needs?

Practically speaking, MGTOW is all about the self. Make sure you are the center of your universe. Find personal fulfillment. Make yourself happy. Etc. Is that really so objectionable? Who in their right mind would argue against that? But of course, we know the answer; those who seek to benefit from your labors.

The heart of the matter is choice. Some MGTOW choose to abandon society all together. Some MGTOW choose to remain and help when and where they can. There’s nothing inherently wrong with either approach. The error comes in the form of the same profit seeking suggestion from those that disagree with your personal position.

Seriously, who cares?

If you want to keep dating women, that’s your decision. If you want to severe all relationships with women, that’s your decision. If you want to live out in the middle of nowhere, that’s your decision. The only thing other MGTOW should do, is help educate you on the potential consequences of said lifestyles. And I don’t say “consequences” with any negative slant. I merely point out the action-reaction to choice. Dating women comes with certain benefits and detriments as an example; all applicable in different ways depending on many various circumstances. Same goes for all other lifestyle choices.

So let’s say society is crumbling. Let’s say society has failed men. Let’s say the apocalypse is upon us and it’s every man for himself. Then why are you trying to help other men?


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