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They aren’t the only one’s who are hostile

June 12, 2013

Something I see from MRA’s and Feminists alike are the accusations of hostility from the differing camps. MRA’s often reported as misogynist pigs and Feminists as misandric lesbians. I wish I could say the issue was more complex than the surface; but this is one of those time’s it’s not.

If you go into either camp, you’ll notice pretty much parallel personalities. Some people will be looking for answers. Some people will be looking for a community. Some people will be trying to solve the dilemmas of their camp. Some people will be there to bitch. And some people will be drawn to it as a way to express their general distaste for the opposing gender/sex. What a pipe dream it would be could we get those seeking solutions in the same room.

But the accusations of hostility are true, but only when you apply them to the distinct personalities than the movements as a whole. There are some people that are simply down right hostile towards any incarnation of the opposition as they see it. Not surprisingly, the choice of my name made me a convenient target for quite a bit of that hostility.

I get the hostility; people have differing experiences, many of which aren’t pleasant at the hands of their aggressors. But that is a problem that the internal movement needs to resolve. It is the job of MRA’s and Feminists to police their own, and openly, so the other camp may see it being done.

Those advocating violence (or like) must be condemned publicly by each camp otherwise the accusations will continue, and continue to remain valid to one degree or another.

But when you find yourself defending the hostility or your own camp and condemning the hostility of the opposing camp, you’ll fail to see your own hypocrisy and be doomed to perpetuating the ever present issue of childish and hypocritical mud slinging.

If you’d prefer lamens terms; you’re both bitches and dicks. You’re both jerks and are generally assholes towards the other. You’re both guilty and a perfect solution would be to lock you away in a room together until you figure it out, or until one of you kills the other. Either way, the rest of us won’t have to put up with your shit any longer.

And yes, I’m being completely hostile here. I just advocated for a violent solution. But hey, I’m a big supporter of everything being smacked upside the head on occasion.


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