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So what do you do?

May 22, 2013

I subjected myself to a re-social experiment, speed dating. The first I thought was an utter failure and once I could not appreciate the full gravity of the experience. I hate half-assing things, so I went again. There were about 30 women or so, I may have spoken to about 20 before the night was called. While I maintained a pleasant smile through the proceedings, cracking jokes and making people laugh. I left early because I was disgusted, absolutely disgusted by the behavior of the women I interacted with. Lucky for me, I got to experience every sad and pathetic poor female stereotype in the dating game in a single night.

Let’s get the one common theme squared away; “So what do you do?” Every fucking one. Within the first 3 questions, usually the first if they didn’t ask my name, even though it was plastered on my fucking chest. One recording the professions of every suitor, claiming her photographic memory was easier to work with by association.

Bull. Fucking. Shit.

Only one was blatantly obvious; she wore fur and had more jewelry then were open drinks at the bar. I enjoyed making things up on occasion. But while many of them would have undoubtedly explained that you can often learn about someone based on what they do, they were unaware of that theory given away their true intentions. Beyond supporting myself, I could see that many were interested in whether or not I could support them.

Even veiled compliments about fascination behind when I did tell the truth I could see the wheels turning in their heads regarding dubious ambitions. Discussions of travel and leisure activities attempting to penetrate the thickness of my wallet to satisfy their curiosity.

And when they were not asking that, the glazed look of boredom across their face as their eyes darted around the room to locate a physical specimen to make an exception with. I noticed the tallest of us received the most glances; surely he found a few interesting options which to dwell upon.

There was one honest women though. And not in a good way mind you. She admitted to her thought that most if not all men lacked a distinct spine. My witty retort that perhaps it was because she was insulting the lot of them. While standing up for myself was deemed more stable than the rest, I can wage a safe bet that I received a less palatable description after my departure.

The experience reminded me why I had began adopting MGTOW philosophies. The game is horseshit; rigged in favor of those who complain the most when they are not winning it. A wonderful illustration of the phrase ‘first world problems’ when mating choosers complain about the lack of quality men throwing themselves at their mercy.

Do you still fucking wonder why some of us care less and less each day? When we are chastised for being men? And then not being men? When we play the game? And when we choose not to?

So what do I do? Nothing when it comes to “winning” the hand of a female. Surprise still shatters the expectations of females when I proudly explain that I will NEVER compete against another man. And not because I want my brothers to gain what happiness they can in their own choosing, but because I never wish to be with a woman who treats her affections as a reward for my efforts. They should be given freely as I choose to toward those I wish.

What do I do? Whatever I choose, defiant in the face of your selfish demands and expectations. I choose not to fit in your juvenile fantasy and Hollywood spoon fed ideas of romance and love. And I educate all other men to think the same way. To open their eyes to the hellish treatment they receive at the hands of the entitled generation that foolishly thinks the world exists to serve them. Do not ask for a Knight when all you seek is a Pawn.

Should I ever hear words regarding what I should and should not do or should or should not be from someone who desires I be any way other than who I am; I can think of only two most eloquent words in response…

…”Fuck you.”


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  1. Speed dating, I take it, is not for you then. and actually nor was it for a female friend of mine. She came back reporting in a similar vain but from what she saw in the male bias. Two sides of the same circumstances. Two perspectives just different view points. From an outsiders perspective, and OK I am only imagining the same circumstances, I am curious how neither of you seem to want to look for evidence, or go to places, that might prove yourselves wrong about the other species rather than right? Happy hunting. šŸ™‚

    • It is precisely for the reason to be proven wrong, or at the very least surprised by other species that I subject myself to these social experiments of sorts. Sadly for your friend and I, we have yet to find such places or such evidence in our personal experiences in a meaningful enough way. Fleeting moments are the best I have found. I have learned to appreciate them for what they are, and bask in the temporary escape from realty they provide.

      And to be fair, I have met many an interesting and worth while person in my “hunt”, but life has a funny way of working out.

      • ‘Social experiments’ ‘ my hunts’, ‘subject myself’ such graphic words you use to describe your pursuit for a loving relationship. is it really this bad?

      • Colorful colloquialisms more than a hidden meaning toward my emotions on matters of the heart.

        Most people tend to describe the dating world as ‘bad’ or some equivalent merely because of their lack of success. I have to merely point toward the multitude of articles written by amateurs and professionals on matters of how difficult it can be to find compatibility and interest and the many ways one can go about it in a sea of fish needing bicycles.

        Can it be bad? Without doubt. Can it be good? Surely no one would engage in such things without something worth while at the end yes?

        Much like my experience, perhaps people are merely reading to far into things which may not be there. Even me.

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