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The grass is always greener

April 29, 2013

A very accurate idiom when it comes to most, if not all types of activism. Pretty much par for the course when it comes to relationships, but I’m going to avoid that today.

When I look at the likes of Feminism especially, what are they currently fighting for? It’s no longer the rights of men, but the advantages or “privileges” as they like say. There are no “rights” that men have at his point that women do not (I continue to ask without answer).

And as MRA’s are quick to point out, Feminism is fighting for the good things, none of the bad. They want the shatter the glass ceiling, but don’t want to mop the floors. They want to write books, but let someone else handle the printing.

But so too do MRA’s fight for what can be considered the greener side of the female paradigm. The advantages in personal relationships, the social benefits of stereotypes, economic or like incentives for educational excellence or professional prestige.

This is my singularly simple contention behind the idea of “privilege” as a concept; it requires a context to frame the advantage. Sans context, the benefits behind privilege goes out the window. Your natural “fire proof” is useless unless you find yourself in a situation that involves fire.

But other people often find themselves fighting fire; like firemen. Would they not want to be fire proof? And if you had that advantage, should you not feel some kind of obligation to fight fire?

When I think of the grass being greener for myself in certain situations, I see what I can do to help others in those situations. And I think that’s what activism should be; and that’s what it is for me. It’s about helping people come up to your level, not about forcing others to help you to theirs.

One is helpful, the other entirely selfish. I don’t take issue with working towards something you don’t have. Hard work deserves equal reward. But I do take issue with you demanding that simply because another person may be advantaged in some regard, you must have equal advantage.

Like playing a game of basketball. I admit I have height enough for it, although my skill with said ball is atrocious. Should I demand that better players tie a hand behind their back for the sake of fairness? Should those shorter than I demand I play with only one foot or on my knees?

I see millions of immigrants departing their countries for a better life in the US. Yet I wonder; should you not work to elevate your own country to the heights of the one you so wish to live in? Would you then have no recourse to leave? In doing so, possess the pride that comes with building a civilization others want to come to?

The grass will always be greener on the other side. But your neighbor thinks the same about yours. Perhaps the best course of actions would be to become pals, and mutually work on each other’s lawns. Tearing down the fence works to; it’s everyone’s grass now.


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