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April 24, 2013

I was hoping around and came across a tiny little gem hidden away within the depths of a comment section on a rather amusing remark on AVFM Actually, this whole comment sections is ripe which just plain awesome statements. I actually rambled for quite a bit when I first wrote this. But then I realized I addressed way too many topics at once. So check it out for yourself, like many comment sections, ripe with gold.

The actual article is quite pointless and substance less. Here’s a tip, unless you want to be accused of libel, I suggest you actually provide evidence for your claims.

Let me address the comment that actually sparked this particular post…

Maya Says:
April 23, 2013 at 6:16 pm
Stephanie: who has been in power for 6,000+ years? Men have. Who owns/control every institution that matters in society (the government, the military, the legal system, the media, academia, etc) and is able to mold society in their image and to their advantage? Men, as a group – especially white men.

If there are parts of the system that are less-than-stellar for men, it’s because they’ve set it up that way themselves. It’s not the fault of women or feminists.

…it’s times like these when you have these strange moments of clarity. When someone says something in just the right way, a little thought bubble appears above your head with the words; “So *that’s* what this is about?” Allow me to demonstrate mine…

“Every institution that matters…” The value of things within society are not inherent; they are given by society. Value is almost personable, since a political position has absolutely no value to me. If someone were to offer one to me, I would most likely turn it down (the other part of me accepting just to be a dick). How is the military valuable to society? By sucking up more tax spending than any other country in the world (in the US)? By furthering political posturing overseas?

If academia is controlled by men for; “their advantage”, then why are men failing at all time highs with no signs of change? Women are currently “winning” the academic “war” (so to speak); did men set it up that way? Why would men, who molded society in their image, *ever* create a system which inherently disadvantages them in meaningful ways? I understand the posturing; politicians do it all the time. You feign moral integrity from profit while positioning yourself to gain profitably gain from the issue. But you never pass laws or make judgments that have a direct negative impact on you.

And what of the things that Feminism has done in regard to removing privileges from women? Are they to blame since women are the root behind their own liberation? So any such system which disadvantages women derived from Feminism is merely the fault of Feminism yes? So when women complain that chivalry is dead; we can point the finger squarely upon the notions of women’s liberation and the idea of a self-sufficient female that requires no man’s assistance? When society complains about the lack of a strong sense of social value tied to strong families, we can point to Feminism for increasing the damages people suffer when the contract is voided by either party? Or will the blame for both men’s and women’s issues continue to fall squarely on the shoulders of men?

I believe I can cover the narrative aptly…
When men fail, it is men’s fault.
When women fail, it is men’s fault.
When women succeed, it is done despite men.
When men succeed, it is done for women.

I always find it sad when people lack the integrity to accept their own personal responsibility in either creating or maintaining a problem. So when a woman suggests my issues regarding a sense of social worth tied directly to the size of my income is a construct devised by men, why is it that it only seems to matter to women? While the economic value was created by social and economic factors determined by men, its social value is maintained by both men and women, and its personal value is solely determined by women. Can I not blame each party for the hand they have in creating said problems?

But let’s address something I just touched on earlier. Feminism is an ideological position for the gynocentrism of political, legal and social policy. In essence, Feminism works for women to the expressed benefit of women. So… how does it differ from a system derived from and for men? It doesn’t, you just aren’t the primary beneficiary of said system. And of course, that doesn’t mean the system can’t alter itself to benefit you (which is often does).

Take your racist comment as an example; “especially white Men.” If I were to build a society, would I not do so based on my personal image? My thoughts? My ideas? My dreams? Would I not do so to further the ideals that I hold? Would I not educate others the same way? To teach society that (egotistical) my way of life is better for everyone around me? And is it wrong that I personally benefit from a system which I designed for the sole purpose to benefit and further my unique perspective on the world?

Your racial and cultural bias are so obvious it’s palatable. The Chinese built a society that works for the Chinese. Are the Chinese wrong for doing so? Are the Chinese at an advantage in a Chinese society? Is a Frenchman as a distinct disadvantage in a Chinese society? Do the Chinese need to change their society to accommodate the Frenchman? Or does the Frenchman need to learn to adapt to Chinese society?

This particular brand of Feminism is what I’m going to start calling the ‘middle management crux’. You are most likely a middle class white woman. You live a pretty decent life; just like me. You’ve had ups and downs. And there are some things you’d change to better your own life given the opportunity. And you probably wouldn’t notice, potentially even care about, how those adjustments impact other people. Why would you? You’re privileged not to deal with that. Their problems are beyond your scope, and many of them probably bring it upon themselves. You just want a better position, more authority and power.

You basically want to control what you consider “valuable”. But there are things that are equally, possible more valuable to society than the power you crave.

How valuable is clothing to society? Did you know Doris Fisher is one of the founders of “The Gap”? Are her contributions not valuable to society? What about feeding society? What about providing shoes? Plumbing? Electricity? A roof over their heads?

Your value structure is one of control and influence; not one of service or support (why else would Feminism talk about the “glass ceiling” and not the “concrete floor”?). You cannot personally benefit from a support role can you? But you can benefit if you can dictate policy. One that favors you and your demographic perhaps? Then can we finally blame you for the problems in your society? Or will it still be our fault?


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