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Even a broken clock is correct twice a day

April 6, 2013

Just a quick note here. I have said in a few prior discussions that I am more interested in someone’s personal opinions as opposed to their self reported affiliations to specific ideologies. It’s extremely rare when I encounter someone whose views fall 100% in line with whatever ideology they profess. And as I pointed out earlier today, simply asking questions can start providing answers you might not think were possible.

The case that brought this about…

Whenever I hear/read/see an argument along the lines of; “Feminism is against this!” or equally; “Feminists are against this!” I must question the accuracy of the statement. Because… you know… I just proved you were wrong.

I understand your statement and the frustration that spawned it; *some* Feminists are against it. Well… perhaps skeptical might be a better word…!/2012/03/dr-coutinho-tells-how-feminists.html

And sure, it seems that *some* women want to have unilateral control over men’s reproductibility…–husbands-refuse-make-ultimate-commitment.html

But these things merely indicate that there is dissent amongst Feminists and Women in regards to what they want (wow… there’s a shocker). And judging the whole based on the actions or positions of a few *is* a logical fallacy. Take a chill pill (punny I know) and examine what people think on an individual level.

If someone wants complete control over your reproduction, kindly tell them to go reproduce with themselves.

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