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Who needs Feminism?

March 12, 2013

The “Who needs Feminism” brand of Feminism is everything that is wrong with Feminism today. And I mean *everything*. It disregards the common definition of the term, places the blame for individual problems on social influence, makes a mockery of personal responsibility, prioritizes feelings over facts, misconstrues social attitudes as sexism, proposes gynocentrism as a solution, when it even provides a solution and demands external validation as the basis for change. It’s that last part that really bugs me. Well, they all bug me.

I’m going to google this and pull up the top ten images and show you exactly what I’m talking about…


The phrase; “what the fuck?”, immediately springs to mind. The only thing I can think of is that he needs the political movement of feminism to support his mother’s career choice in teaching Calculus. Is this where Feminists comes in to chime in with the notions that Feminism helped make this choice available? Here’s a thought; maybe it was your mother’s hard work and determination that led to a successful career as a math major. Maybe it was the lack of people’s interest in math that needed her help; not a political movement to further their agendas.

Kudos to your mother for her excellent math knowledge. It’s a shame you aren’t following her footsteps.


I’ve got a couple questions for you. If Feminism’s goal was to insure equal rights; why is it still necessary in technological advanced societies? Can you name a right that men currently have in the US that women don’t? And if equality was the only goal; why do you think the controversy still exists? Do you really honestly think that the majority of people are so backwards that they don’t support equal rights for everyone? Do you really think that what you state is the *only* thing Feminism means? Have you never heard of Radical Feminists?

Feminism means many different things to many different people. Equality isn’t the issue; it’s what people do in their pursuit of equality that is the issue.


Do people whistle at animals they find attractive? I thought whistling at a female was an obvious indication that they found you attractive. So your issue isn’t that they found you attractive; they just didn’t express that to you in a way you found either obvious or appropriate. Why is one form more degrading them another?

Arguing what road to take, when they both get you there, is a wonderful example of nit-picking.


Your uterus isn’t a political agenda; it’s the impact your choices involving it on society that creates the discussion. There are a few choice people that will comment regarding the morality of certain things; and those people can go to hell. But the majority is arguing slightly different things. For example; whether or not they want their tax dollars to support something that they are religiously, morally or socially opposed to.

The big one of course being whether or not you can make the choice for someone else. And I’m not talking about the one in your uterus.


Oh dear god, one of those that believes women have been universally oppressed by men. The joke of course being that intersectionality *proves* that oppression exists in a multifaceted reality. It’s not simply because women are women, or in your case; the fact that you’re black. Certainly it can, and often does; but the real world doesn’t operate in these binary terms. More to the point, given your age, you’ve never really experienced real oppression like your ancestors did. Getting called a name based on a personal demographic isn’t oppression.

But in all reality; my people were oppressing my people at the same time. Sometimes even at the behest of women.


So you’re a woman… OK? Society’s version usually takes one of two perspectives. First, what you are biologically. Do you have female parts? Then you’re a female. Second, do you wish to self identify as a female? Then you’re a female.

So we’ve established that you’re a woman; now why should I give a damn?


Citation? Actually; don’t bother. I’ll check for myself…

I’m not going to be so bold as to jump to calling you a liar when you’re probably just ignorant. I don’t believe you pulled the 35% out of your ass; you were probably spoon fed the number by some nut with a political agenda. How many employees are in the Fortune 500 companies? How many employees are in the combined businesses owned by women? How many employees overlap between the two? Are we talking about US only? What about the economic impact between companies? How about the base pay for employees compared against the companies?

Statistics sound great when no one questions them. It’s a shame the Feminism has a history of making them up.


That’s more of a psychological issue than a sociological one. Replacing a gender bias with another one isn’t a solution to gender bias. There has been a lot of research into this lately, but apparently women have a greater bias than men do. So why do you feel the need to correct yourself when it appears you don’t contribute to the problem?

Don’t you think it’s odd that you’re blamed for contributing to problems you have no idea exist and have never, and would never actually propagate?


Is “hey” a substitute? How about “sup”? And “dude”? Any initial greeting through the absence of “hello” is a substitute. Your acceptance of the substitute is rather questionable. I recall a rather irritating “feminist” describe the greeting; “hey baby what’s your name?” as a type of harassment. I honestly can’t recall the last time someone used “hello” to greet me.

I wonder whether or not you would mind if the greeting was coming from the likes of Brad Pit or Josh Harnett.


What structure of violence and domination is controlling your life? Pepper spray and tazers employed by the Police before shoving you to the ground? A crazy woman who slashes your face because you talked to another girl? Your parents spanking you as a child in order to instill discipline? Getting socked in the face by another dude for mouthing off to him? Being shot by a freedom fighter because you were invading their country?

You might not abide being neutral to it; but you probably don’t know how you support it.

Are we starting to see a picture being painted here? The *vast* majority of these issues are personal problems people have with the world. An ideology whose claimed mission it is to “insure gender equality” isn’t going to solve these problems.

How is Feminism going to prevent people from whistling to someone they find attractive? Is it going to dictate the regulations of free expressions and appropriate word choices? Are people going to go to jail because they didn’t say hello correctly? Is Feminism going to solve oppression by locking away any dissenters and throwing away the key?

This isn’t about equality. This is about wanting the world to support you; it’s about external validation. Ever heard the term “man up” before? It’s what most men hear when we start bitching about something stupid. In your Feminist circles, you might be familiar with the colloquialism; “What about the menz?” How strange that our expressed grievances are dismissed at hand while yours are the foundations for an entire movement. A movement that piggy backs off the success of a movement with legitimate issues; which they worked hard to correct.

Here’s a thought; propose an actual solution. If someone complains that their friends don’t take them seriously; tell them to find new friends. When someone complains about their weight being the subject of rejection; tell them to drop a few pounds or find someone that likes a little chub. When someone complains about getting cat called for wearing a short skirt; tell them to wear something longer. When someone complains about oppression; teach them how to defend themselves. And of course, when someone makes the suggestion that these things can easily be corrected with a little Feminism, tell them that controlling other people is exactly what they claim to fight against.

Here’s a fantastic solution that will solve all of your “I need Feminism” problems; stop giving a shit about what other people think.

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  1. Doug Spoonwood permalink

    This is awesome. Thanks for the post!

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