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Hate and Inaccuracies

February 18, 2013

I hate Dog Shit. It smells, it leaves stains in my carpet, it’s a pain to clean up after and doesn’t really do much for my yard. Would you agree? Well I’ve got some bad news for you if you do; you must hate Dogs. That’s right, you’re a no good dirty dog hater! Why would you hate dogs? Only terrible people hate dogs! You must be a terrible person!

Whoa, kind of presumptuous of me don’t you think? I mean; hating dog shit doesn’t make one hate dogs does it? No, of course not. I think we could agree that only an idiot would make the ridiculous claim that hating dog shit means you hate dogs.

Now ask yourself this; was anything I stated about the reasons I hated dog shit incorrect? Does dog shit smell? Yah, pretty bad sometimes. Does it leave stains on the carpet? Yes, that’s why you have to clean it up right away. Is it a pain to clean up after? Sometimes, depends on how quick you are, what consistency it is and a few other factors. Having had dogs with the runs I can tell you it’s a bitch to clean up sometimes. Does it do anything for a yard? Not exactly; left unattended it can potentially damage grass considering how long it takes to decompose and turn into anything remotely closer to fertilizer. It’s best to put it into a composter. (If you really want, I could add links to articles and pictures that discuss and show dog shit… but do you really want me to?)

So we’ve safely established that nothing I’ve said thus far was incorrect. And we’ve agreed that hating dog shit doesn’t mean you hate dogs. Are we good so far? Cool…

So why does being critical of Feminism make one misogynist? And even if; does being labeled a misogynist make one incorrect?

…that’s what I thought. If you don’t mind, I need to go clean up some dog shit.

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