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Definitions and Associations

February 8, 2013

Misogyny is the dislike, mistrust or hatred of women. That’s the definition. Misandry is simply the hatred of males. For some reason we don’t get ‘dislike’ or ‘distrust’. So if a man mistrusts women he’s a misogynist. But if a women distrusts men, she simply distrusts men. Seem rather odd doesn’t it? But that’s a rant for another day.

I thought posting the definition would be helpful because so many people seem to get it wrong. My own coworkers didn’t even know misandry was a word. And of course, people get accused of both all the time; for some pretty strange reasons.

The big one of course is the disagreement with an ideology that exists to serve one gender over the other; such as feminism. As feminism is quickly becoming a meaningless term (I’ll explain that later), everyone and their dog can claim to be feminist and do things based on the ideology, whether or not other people who do the same completely disagree with them.

Now because some people, like myself, might be critical of certain actions based upon a premise which makes no sense or is an outright lie, but is done so under the guise of a term who clings to the notions of women’s rights; we are often confused of misogyny. Ignoring the obvious Ad Hominem for a moment, is there a basis for this snap judgment? Yes, just not in the way people think.

People often confuse people’s intentions based on the association they make as an individual to the ‘thing’ that the person has involved themselves with. It makes more sense with examples, but making the stipulations at the same time…

Listening to or even liking a Christian Band does not make one a Christian. Why would it?

Does a movie critic hate movies? Why would anyone subject themselves to an occupation that constantly subjects themselves to the very thing they despise the most? You may as well accuse a women’s fashion designer of misogyny because you didn’t like their latest work.

Does liking children make one a pedophile? Let’s not be absurd right?

And surely no red, white and blue blooded American would accuse our angelic troops as being war mongers would they? That would just be highly politically incorrect of you.

Yet some people find the critique of actions and beliefs a symptom of a deep seated hatred of those that happen to express them. No one in their right mind would accuse a peer reviewing professor of hating science when he critiques the works of others, so why suddenly are we so quick with the hatred of women when people critique things they find puzzling within feminism?

Surely feminism has branched into an all races, sexes, genders, and whateverthehellelse at this point yes? Or is it still just a women’s movement seeking to correct women’s problems and anyone who critiques it hates women? I think that’s being a bit selfish on those that seek to perpetuate only their personal brand of feminism as the only accurate one, but they’d probably just call me a misogynist.

I could accuse them of misandry, but I’m pretty sure their beef would be with me. And while I happen to be male, I’d like to think they don’t hate all men; just the men with the brains enough to call individual women out on the bullshit that they do.

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